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Donate Donar Doar дарить  捐赠 Donner  Schenken उपहार देना  منح   Do*

Dear potential donor:

The English Transitional Words Database (ETWD) is continuously helping students, professionals, scholars, and regular people to learn the English language around the world; from school districts to multinationals. ETWD provides choices of transitional words to writers with the goal of increasing the coherence of their compositions. For further reference, take a look at a seminar presentation in the Department. of Experimental Statistics at Louisiana State University and A&M College. The presentation is titled "Forecasting Usability of the English Transitional Words Database" Download PDF File.

ETWD is work in progress, and encompasses the classification and description of transitional words as well as the formulation of examples. As such, your contribution will further this cause by paying for the annual webhosting costs and annual costs of the internet domain. And depending upon the size of your contribution, I am willing to take this endeavor to the next level, with the goal of studying English transitional words and phrases in a more systematic manner.

Your contribution is highly appreciated, thank you! And for the sake of transparency, the list of donors and further details will be published as soon as contributions are made. Please do not hesitate to contact me [click here for my contact information].


Carlos García

*Translations of the word "Donate" was made with Google translate <http://translate.google.com/#auto|en|donate/>. Language order approximates ETWD's popularity around the world.


The English Transitional Words Database is work in progress, and you can collaborate in this endeavor by volunteering in many ways, for example:
  • by adding words in each category
  • by adding categories
  • by adding examples that enhance the learning of each transitional word
  • by sharing resources such as videos, links, and relevant publications
  • by sharing this website with your friends and colleagues
  • Please, feel free to answer this survey for improving ETWD

Thank you for cooperating, after review, your contributions will be available to the public.

English Majors

If you are majoring in English or linguistics, and would like to accumulate volunteer hours, please feel free to contact me for further details about reaching a agreement of cooperation between you, your major advisor, and ETWD. Thank you! [  Contacts  ]


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