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The Trek from PhD Candidate to PhD

The Trek from PhD Candidate to PhD - The Dissertation Document  - This is a Path to Completion

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The following podcasts will help you to navigate the trek from Ph.D. Candidate to Ph.D. In the incoming months, I will post a power point presentation based on these podcasts. The podcasts were recorded unscripted as brainstorm sessions at a coffee shop, on a long weekend with many cups of coffee. I used the rudimentary microphone that comes with the computer; so, I beg for your comprehension. Nevertheless, I hope you find these podcasts useful. Good luck!

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The Dissertation Document [6/2/2012 - 6/3/2012]

Objectives and Justifications for the Talks

The Pyramid

What is a dissertation?


Major Professor

Dissertation Styles

The Document’s Sections

Initial Choices

Focus on Achievable Objectives



When should I start writing?

Writing Conditions

Front Page be continued:


Doctoral Student

Learning to learn and learning for the long term

Commitment to excellence

Qualifying Examination

Preliminary Dissertation Research Proposal

Dissertation Research Proposal: Research Prospectus

General Exam and Presentation of Preliminary Dissertation Research Results

From Ph.D. Candidacy to Ph.D.

General writing tips for doctoral students

Organizational Skills

Time Management

The Components

Final Examination: The Defense

Amendments and final edition

From Student to Scientist: Research Skills be continued...

DISCLAIMER: Any information, statements or opinions contained in these podcasts are those of the individual speaker.

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The Trek from PhD Candidate to PhD - The Dissertation Document  - This is a Path to Completion

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