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Economics of U.S. Government Debt Accumulation. LSU A&M  AbstractDownload
Working Papers
Conceptual Framework for the Administration of Research-focused University Internship Programs presented at Ohio State University  Download
García-Jiménez, Carlos I., Ashok K. Mishra. 2011. Determinants of Meat Purchasing Behavior by Ethnic Groups. Journal of Food Distribution Research 42(3):96-105.  Download
Technical Report for Declaration of the Maple Forest State Park, Talpa de Allende, Jalisco, Mexico.

Estudio Técnico Justificativo para la Declaratoria del Parque Estatal Bosque de Arce, Talpa de Allende, Jalisco, Mexico.


 Public Technical Report  May 19, 2010

 Pictures & Videos at

Almost 150,000 acres of planned protected land for conservation of a diverse ecosystem.

The Relevance of Information Sources on Adoption of Precision Farming Technologies by Cotton Producers.  Download
The Effects of Public Debt on Labor Demand in the United States.  Download
Guatemala in Search of its Future.

Guatemala en Busca de su Futuro.

Determinants of Meat Purchase Behavior by Ethnic Groups, forthcoming in the Journal of Food Distribution Research.  Download Poster
Role of Ethnicity in the Consumption of Meat Products, published in Applied Economics Letters  Download
M. Sc. Thesis  
Comparative Study of Household Demand for Meats by U.S. Hispanics. LSU A&M  AbstractDownload
Undergraduate Thesis

Production Costs of Honeybee with Migratory and Stationary Beekeeping Systems, Case Study in Choluteca, Honduras.

Thesis in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Pan American Agricultural School - Zamorano, Honduras.

It is available upon request, or contact the Wilson Popenoe Library at:
Research Opportunities and Financial Aid for Graduate Studies in The United States of America in the New Millennium.

Once I obtained the admission to graduate school, decided to share my experience in this manual. Because at the time of my application, I  did not find a comprehensive guide for obtaining research funds that would allow me to increase both knowledge and research skills.

Version VI

Version I: 2003-2004

Advice and Guidelines for the Estimation of Costs and Returns of Apicultural Projects in Honduras.

At the time, the banking sector was not financing beekeeping enterprises, in part due to high uncertainty about the profitability of this industry. Thereby, I wrote this manual with data collected from beekeepers while working as extension agent in the Zamorano/USAID Agricultural Revitalization Project of Honduras. It has been used as a tool for budgeting, accounting and  educating farmers and researchers. To my knowledge, beekeepers in  other countries have used this manual too, for example: Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

If you are not able to download the files, you can either contact me or find it at Panamerican Agricultural School - Zamorano, Honduras by contacting the librarian Lic. Hugo Gallo at

Digital Version


Educational Materials
Steps in Strategic Planning and Management  Steps
How to Write a Summary  Outline
Qualitative Research Methods in Business and Social Sciences.

Lecture presented to graduate students in the Agribusiness Research Applications class.

US Soybeans Market 1960-2008.

Information for a case study aiming to understand the role of productivity, nominal prices and inflation on production decisions. Long run and short price elasticities of demand and supply were emphasized.

 Supply & Demand of Soybeans
Competition and the Market.

Lecture for undergraduate students.

Production Costs, Supply and Price Determination.

Lecture for undergraduate students.

A Fun Course in Behavioral and Social Sciences.  Syllabus for the Louisiana Science & Engineering Fair.
Forecasting Usability of the English Transitional Words Database.

Seminar presentation in the Department of Experimental Statistics at Louisiana State University A&M. Feb 17, 2010.

How to Obtain Scholarships and Research Funds for Graduate Education.

Becas para Maestrias y Doctorados.


To members of Zamorano Agricultural Society at LSU.

Ethics and Professionalism in Academic Institutions.02/22/08 5:pm

Etica y Profesionalismo en Instituciones Académicas.


To members of Zamorano Agricultural Society at LSU.

English Transitional Words Database 2.0 = 8/21/0  = 01/15/07), (2.0 = 10/15/07)   It uses a vector space approach.

On average, ETWD records 3,500 page views per month. In 2010, there were 9,000 visits from 120 countries, 41,815 page views were seen in the website. Heavy usage came from United States, Canada and Mexico, they were trailed by European, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries. The lowest use was originated from Africa.

Website dedicated to the systematic classification of transitional words by usage patterns.Access here

Optimal Attributes of the Marketplace Infrastructure: Applied Analysis in Guatemala. I wrote this document  in the Grant Writing class taught by Prof. Lynn P. Kennedy.

 Download Document in PDF format.
Active Listening21/07)  Handouts        Flash Presentation
Speed Reading: Introduction to a Lifetime Skill.

Seminar presented in the welcoming week of graduates students, 08/16/05

 Power Point Presentation

Conceptual Model of Negotiation, E.I.T.A., LSU, Spring 2004.  Poster and handouts


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